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Vanity of Vanity, everything is vanity
There is nothing new to be found, under this cursed sun

The earth beneath our feet crumbles and rots
Put your hand to the plow. Produce your selfworthlessness
Work and toil under the sun
There is nothing left to be found

Eat and drink all you produce
Raise your glass
But you will go hungry
You will cry out to the earth, to quench your thirst
But you will find nothing
There will always be nothing

Ash to ash and dust to dust
And in your excess all you have’s folly

We work so hard to be put into the earth
We work so hard for nothing
And after all of this, blood, sweat and tears mean nothing
They’re only memories forgotten
And in the end that’s all that we have.
Only memories forgotten

I’ve placed so much in fleeting things, only to be left with regret
And in all of my searching through useless things, nothing could satisfy
There was no life and no hope that could be found within me
But You reached out, in Your grace, and you are the one who sustained me
All pleasure. All pain, nothing comes close to your name
All pleasure. All pain, nothing comes close to your name


from Trials, released June 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Essentials Winnipeg, Manitoba


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